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Nationwide Coffee Announces a New Range of Coffee Machines for Lease

Nationwide coffee is pleased to announce its new range of lease coffee machines. Operating since 2007 the company has over 3 years of commercial success in coffee machine leasing and selling as well as refill and coffee bean selling itself. The new ranges of coffee machines are designed to maximise user ease and provide the highest quality coffee of any models on the market.

Interestingly, hiring coffee machines and other amenities has become standard practice for most commercial companies in the last decade. Even multi-national conglomerates are increasingly using hire machines, over purpose bought models. Whilst this may seem surprising there is actually some sensible business thinking behind this strategy.

Firstly, a hired machine has the obvious advantages of offering an extended payment plan. Machines cost as little as £2.50/day compared to a one off cost of £500 and upwards. Whilst this seems to be a case of bad mathematics as £500 for a machine that lasts a few years is only equal to 200 days of hire there are a number of other considerations to take into account. Most notably coffee machines require regular care and servicing – once every six months at a minimum. If a company buys the machine themselves they will typically need to pay £100 or more for a service, which over two years greatly increases the costs of the machine. In juxtaposition a hire contract will include the costs of servicing and replacing the machine should it break.

Secondly, a hired machine is tax deductible. If a company hires a large variety of coffee or any other coffee machines these are completely tax deductible meaning that machine hire doesn’t reduce profits – unlike purchasing machines individually.

Finally machine hire plans have better warranties and offer instant machine replacements should anything impair the machines effectiveness or prevent it from working. This means they offer a quick and efficient service that ensures machines work in the optimal way.

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VitaBrew Coffee Certifies Eight O’Clock Coffee and GNC Ultra Mega for FDA Label Compliant Vitamin Fortified Coffee Recipe

VitaBrew Coffee LLC released its Free Certified Healthy Coffee recipe to the general public with its Independent Consumer laboratory Approved ingredients. VitaBrew Coffee Founder, Edward Mugits, has placed the FDA compliant Ingredient label copy of their recipe for Eight O’Clock Coffee and GNC Ultra Mega Vitamin and Mineral fortified Coffee online for the general public and Crohn’s Disease help.

VitaBrew Coffee promotes online healthy recipes to encourage the intake of critical nutrients through the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. “For many, coffee is a staple, states Edward, it’s breakfast with or without a donut, muffin, toast or anything else, and for those who follow this dietary routine, the vast majority intake no supplements at all. I am one of those who placed less importance on nutrient intake than my morning coffee, and that morning brew took a lot more time than it takes to swallow a supplement. Is it a stigma with taking a pill, for many yes, but I call it lazy because I didn’t take them regardless of a reason, so I developed a Healthy Coffee for my nutritional intake and those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease. Living with Crohn’s disease is a whole different ball game, there are so many people afflicted with Crohn’s Disease who simply cannot digest the supplements that Coffee, for those who can consume it, is a perfect vehicle to improve their nutrient intake through their mucous linings and digestive tract if liquefied and diluted.

Look on my viatabrewcoffee website and you will see other unique sources of nutrient intake vehicles, such as Vitamingum, a vitamin fortified chewing gum by Vitaball LLC, made for those who may not take supplements but chew gum and those who simply cannot take them orally. That little piece of gum was never developed for Crohn’s Disease help or support, but it is helping and we thank Vitaball LLC for their continued expanse in healthy products for those in need .

Why GNC? because their natural supplements are the most effective formulations that we found compared to 8 other leading manufacturers. GNC provides the consistent quality control that actually exceeds GMP standards and their supplements were the only one that passed 3 consecutive Independent Consumer laboratory tests through the High temperature brewing process. GNC continues to improve its formula and results may vary with the evolving Ultra Mega supplements. It was at GNC where we found the Vitamin Fortified Gum”.

These statements are not endorsed by GNC, Eight O’Clock Coffee or the FDA, the FDA does not control the supplement requirements other than label claim. The Vitabrew Coffee recipes and the products and or information it places online are not to be construed as a cure, treatment or something prescribed to heal, treat or supplement any medically administered program, When in doubt, seek a physician’s advice prior to trying anything new.

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Welcome to EPR Food & Beverage News

EPR Food & Beverage News is a new blog, part of EPR Network, that is going to be focused on and will be covering the food & beverage news and stories from press releases published on EPR Network.

EPR Network (EPR stands for express press release) is one of the nation’s largest press release distribution networks on Web. The EPR’s nationwide network includes 12 State based PR sites, one major PR forum and a number of industry specific PR blogs and what started as a hobby on Internet years ago turned out to be a rapidly growing business today. EPR Network is also known as one of the most trusted (human optimized, published, edited and monitored, spam/scam/low quality PR content free) PR sites on the web with more than 10,000 company and individual press releases distributed per month. EPR Network is putting your press releases on top of all major search engines’ results and is reaching thousands of individuals, companies, PR specialists, media professionals, bloggers and journalists every day.

EPR Network has thousands of clients around the world including global 500 corporations like Hilton Hotels, Barclays Bank, AXA Insurance, Tesco UK, eBay/Skype, Emirates, just to name a few. The network’s PR web sites are currently reaching from 150,000 to sometimes 500,000 unique visitors per month while our viral reach could possibly go to as much as 1M people per month through our presence across various social media sites. EPR Network was established in 2004 and as of May 2008 it had more than 800,000 press releases (pages) published on its network.

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