Christmas Food From Forman and Field

Forman and Field are the mail order arm of the salmon smoker H Forman and Son. They’re skilled at picking the best of the best from among British food producers, and customers can order from their fine selection all year round. At Christmas, they bring out a festive catalogue containing all their best Christmas food. This year, they’re offering an extra deal – customers who spend £100 before Christmas Eve will get free delivery on all their orders from January until September next year.

Forman and Field only supply the best quality food and concentrate on supplying products made using traditional methods. They’re an ideal choice for Christmas, either when buying presents for family and friends, or when stocking up the cupboards for the perfect Christmas menu. Those who want to buy for others, have several mouth-watering hampers to choose from. The Gourmand Gift Box is a perfect choice, including as it does a range of foods that really cover all bases. For something smaller, the Star Hamper concentrates on the essential food stuffs that everyone needs at Christmas, such as smoked salmon and mince pies. Customers who want to send their family home with full bellies on Christmas Day have lots of options. A multi-bird roast or Seldom Seen goose might make a change from the norm, and turkey lovers will appreciate the free-range Kelly Bronze turkeys. For dessert, there are traditional puddings, as well as more unusual ones, such as the panetone and butter pudding. Extras such as smoked salmon or the more unusual smoked eel should go down a treat too.

About Forman and Field: Forman and Field supply artisan-produced food to people all over the country by mail order. They are the mail order arm of the salmon smoker H Forman and Son, which has been in operation since 1905. Their Christmas range includes all the essentials, and gift items such as hampers. To order, customers can get online or use the catalogue.

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More Food & Beverage press releases Deliver Their Solution For A Vegetarian-Friendly Christmas

Traditionally, Christmas is something of a meat-eaters holiday with turkey, gammon and goose all familiar fayre around the dining table.

Nowadays, some 11% of the UK population is vegetarian however; throwing something of a carrot-shaped spanner into the works when it comes to the iconic Christmas roast.

Thankfully, the gourmet gurus at Christmas Hamper have come up with the perfect solution this holiday season – a range of veggie hampers that make for vegetarian-friendly gifting and dining.

Christmas Hamper’s business development manager – Samantha Barrie – explained their reasons for including vegetarian hampers across the range:

“Consumers are becoming more and more conscious about what they put on their plates with regard to whether something is organic, locally sourced, ethically farmed and so forth.

“Vegetarianism has been around for some time now and it would be a real indication that we were out of touch with over 10% of our potential consumers if we weren’t to acknowledge this.

“We’re proud to offer vegetarian options right across our range; be it our Scottish Christmas hampers, luxury Christmas hampers and even our savoury Chirstmas hamperrange. In that sense, there really is something to tickle everyone’s tastebuds.”

As well as offering a selection of over one hundred mouth-watering hampers, gift trays and baskets, Christmas Hamper have also become famed for their corporate packages that give businesses of any size the opportunity to customise and create bespoke Christmas gifts for colleagues and clients.

As Samantha Barries explains, being able to celebrate the dietary choices of individual clients goes a long way in demonstrating their value to your business:

“When it comes to corporate Christmas gifts there’s plenty of scope for creativity and individuality but a lot of businesses fall into the trap of opting for something more or less ‘off the shelf’.

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VitaBrew Coffee Certifies Eight O’Clock Coffee and GNC Ultra Mega for FDA Label Compliant Vitamin Fortified Coffee Recipe

VitaBrew Coffee LLC released its Free Certified Healthy Coffee recipe to the general public with its Independent Consumer laboratory Approved ingredients. VitaBrew Coffee Founder, Edward Mugits, has placed the FDA compliant Ingredient label copy of their recipe for Eight O’Clock Coffee and GNC Ultra Mega Vitamin and Mineral fortified Coffee online for the general public and Crohn’s Disease help.

VitaBrew Coffee promotes online healthy recipes to encourage the intake of critical nutrients through the most commonly consumed beverage in the world. “For many, coffee is a staple, states Edward, it’s breakfast with or without a donut, muffin, toast or anything else, and for those who follow this dietary routine, the vast majority intake no supplements at all. I am one of those who placed less importance on nutrient intake than my morning coffee, and that morning brew took a lot more time than it takes to swallow a supplement. Is it a stigma with taking a pill, for many yes, but I call it lazy because I didn’t take them regardless of a reason, so I developed a Healthy Coffee for my nutritional intake and those who suffer from Crohn’s Disease. Living with Crohn’s disease is a whole different ball game, there are so many people afflicted with Crohn’s Disease who simply cannot digest the supplements that Coffee, for those who can consume it, is a perfect vehicle to improve their nutrient intake through their mucous linings and digestive tract if liquefied and diluted.

Look on my viatabrewcoffee website and you will see other unique sources of nutrient intake vehicles, such as Vitamingum, a vitamin fortified chewing gum by Vitaball LLC, made for those who may not take supplements but chew gum and those who simply cannot take them orally. That little piece of gum was never developed for Crohn’s Disease help or support, but it is helping and we thank Vitaball LLC for their continued expanse in healthy products for those in need .

Why GNC? because their natural supplements are the most effective formulations that we found compared to 8 other leading manufacturers. GNC provides the consistent quality control that actually exceeds GMP standards and their supplements were the only one that passed 3 consecutive Independent Consumer laboratory tests through the High temperature brewing process. GNC continues to improve its formula and results may vary with the evolving Ultra Mega supplements. It was at GNC where we found the Vitamin Fortified Gum”.

These statements are not endorsed by GNC, Eight O’Clock Coffee or the FDA, the FDA does not control the supplement requirements other than label claim. The Vitabrew Coffee recipes and the products and or information it places online are not to be construed as a cure, treatment or something prescribed to heal, treat or supplement any medically administered program, When in doubt, seek a physician’s advice prior to trying anything new.

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More Food & Beverage press releases – Luxury Christmas Hampers

With only twenty-three days of shopping left to go, things are really starting to heat up for consumers battling against the icy conditions, determined to buy friends, family and colleagues that perfect Christmas gift.

Could The Dilemma Of Buying For That 'Person Who Has Everything' Finally Be Over? Christmas Hamper - - Certainly Think So

Whilst Christmas wish-lists and dropping the odd hint might go some way to help make Christmas gift giving that little bit more straightforward, each year still poses the dilemma – what to get for the person who has everything?

Thankfully, gourmet gurus – Highland Fayre – think they’ve solved the problem with their range of luxury Christmas Hampers; jam-packed with festive fayre and other goodies to suit absolutely any budget.

Discussing the versatility of Christmas hampers, Highland Fayre’s business development manager – Samantha Barrie – explained:

“The Christmas rush can become a stressful time of year, even for the most organised amongst us. This isn’t helped when you’re attempting to buy for that fabled ‘person who has everything’ or even someone who’s not sure what they’d like for Christmas.

“In situations like these, luxury Christmas hampers serve as an excellent gift; loaded with treats that can be enjoyed throughout the festive season and beyond. Our bespoke hamper service also allows you to tailor your gift to the personal preferences or dietary requirements of the person you’re gifting to and when presented in one of our Christmas gift baskets, trays, hampers or cartons they really make something of a show-stopper.”

The solutions posed by needn’t stop there either as the flexibility of this style of gift giving means customers can peruse hundreds of pre-made collections at their leisure, from the comfort and warmth of their home.

Furthermore, as Samantha Barrie explains, this year’s Christmas hampers collection could be just the ticket for people buying for other potentially tricky recipients:

“As well a buying for people who have everything, there’s often other people on our to-buy for list who we might not know very well but still want to gift to – a child’s school teacher or long distance relative being a good example of this.

“In cases such as these, Christmas hampers act as a thoughtful gift and can be made as personal as need be. We’ve found that our range of Scottish Christmas Gift Hampers, for example, are particularly popular with people gifting to Scottish expats who may have lived out of the country for some years now but are still delighted to receive a gift reminding them of where they grew up.”

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