Try Something New This Winter And Warm Up With An Authentic Chai Latte

Premium tea company teapigs are encouraging tea drinkers to try something different with their cuppa this winter and cosy up with an all-natural, authentic, make-at-home chai latte.

The online tea shop they have contains a wide range of teas including some fantastic herbal and green teas but by delving a little deeper into the website, customers will find some great tasting teas including peppermint tea and the authentic chai latte tea.

teapigs only use the best quality ingredients in their chai tea – whole leaf black Assam tea blended with whole cardamom pods, cloves, real pieces of ginger and cinnamon. These real, all natural ingredients mean great taste without artificial flavourings and sweeteners. teapigs teas come in ‘tea temples’ – a special biodegradable mesh bag which makes brewing and enjoying top quality tea easy and convenient.

Making a delicious chai latte at home is really easy using teapigs chai tea temples:

• take one teapigs chai tea temple and place in your mug or latte glass
• cover 1/3 glass with hot water – enough to cover your temple
• let it brew for 3-5 minutes
• while your chai brews heat up some milk (ideally froth with a milk frother)
• top up the Chai tea concentrate with the milk and add brown sugar or honey to taste and some cinnamon on top for a little extra spice

teapigs tea taster Louise says: “Every vendor, in every city, in every region of India offers their own version of Chai Masala – the aromatic, spiced milky tea that has been the Indian drink of choice for hundreds of years. This is our version – a rich, malty, warming blend which is great to make at home on a cosy winter’s night. It’s a satisfying, healthy drink that captures the vibrancy and colour of India in a cup.”

A pack of 15 chai tea temples from £4.00. Available from Harvey Nichols, Selfridges, Waitrose, Wholefoods and online at

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La raclette: an alpine specialty to taste as quickly as possible!

All alpine flavors are in your plate! This cooking classic, right off our mountains and revisited by the winter tourism, offers all cheese aromas combined with exquisite delicatessen. All these excellent products are locally made: ham, cooked or raw, all sorts of sausages, Savoy rosette or Italian coppa, pancotta and mortadella. Switzerland is also in the spotlight here: Grisons meat – or Bündnerfleisch – is an excellent pick too!

To better serve you, “Boucherie Charcuterie Favre”, located in the very center of Modane, offers you the best of its products! As a specialist of cured meats, we suggest our ham and beef or pork meat, smoked or dried.

A few miles away from Haute-Maurienne, the Valais area provides the smooth and tasty raclette cheese, which easily melts and slowly roasts when exposed to heat. This cow milk uncooked pressed cheese is the key ingredient in raclette. Served with potatoes and a good local fruity and tasty white wine, raclette will undoubtedly stimulate kids and grown-ups appetite when the first snowflakes start falling.

But don’t forget vegetables! Onions, pickles, green salads or tomatoes gracefully combine with delicatessen and cheese to help facilitate digestion. Mixing ingredients and flavors is a real integral part of the game!

To end up with a sweet note, you will choose desserts such as an exotic salad, sorbets, Bavarian mousse or foiled fruits!

Displayed on a large plate, nearby the raclette instrument, this greedy dish is the king of alpine winter and will bring you happiness! Perfect to warm up or as a cheering following your sporting efforts, with your family or with friends, raclette is a real must taste. Nutritious and bountiful, friendly and tasty, raclette resembles our region: you can taste it without any restriction!

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Redefining The Modern Wine Experience

Josh McFadden, the 31 yr. old Creative Director and Founder of Proof Wine Collective (a creative company dedicated to developing small-production, critically-acclaimed wineries) has big plans for a space of his own. The self-taught entrepreneur has spent over ten years mastering the ins and outs of the wine industry: working harvest, sommelier at restaurants, wine buyer, wine shop clerk, cellar rat, cook, server, and wine label designer… He’s been there!

After 4 years of building Proof from the ground up, Josh is ready to catapult himself into the next big project. Turncoat Wine Co. will be a wine bar located in the center of the rapidly growing wine region that is the Central Coast of California. Not only will it be a wine bar, the 4000 sq. ft. space will also offer a full service restaurant, wine shop, lesson room for tastings, and also act as an event location. Turncoat will create a much larger wine presence in the small downtown of San Luis Obispo, and put the area on the map as a top destination for lovers of wine, art and food. It is set to open its doors in early 2013.

The space will be a “living gallery”, as Josh describes it. “Imagine the most interesting party you’ve ever been to: you are meeting fascinating people, including awesome winemakers, offering you wines you’ve never seen, you are being offered food from the season you’ve never tasted, and you have at your disposal over 500 wines from wineries located everywhere in the world. The place will be a display of sensations, and the play between all of them: an interpretation-gasm.”

Needless to say, Josh is intent that Turncoat will be a work of art in itself. His repertoire includes labels on display at the SF MOMA, Trader Joes, as well as for many of the top wine producers of Paso Robles and Santa Barbara like Herman Story, Sans Liege, Field Recordings, Alta Maria, and Force of Nature.

“The winemakers I’ve worked with, just like myself, don’t come from money or privilege.” Josh brings up. “We’ve had to make our own way and we couldn’t have made it this far without the support from our friends.”

In preparation for Turncoat, Proof Wine Collective has put together a compelling campaign to raise money and awareness on the crowd-funding site They’re trying to raise $25,000 by Dec. 3rd in order to help fund some of the initial start up costs of the wine bar. Rewards for support vary from graphic t-shirts, fine art prints, and custom art pieces inspired by yourself. “One print we made is called Wine Pangea which is my attempt to simplify and beautify the world of wine; and the other is called Presidential Drugs of Choice it’s a print detailing every drug/vice done by each President,” explained Josh.  Both the prints reflect Proof’s unique creative style which reappropriates vintage engravings with colors, elegant typography, and new information.

Proof Wine Collective was founded in 2008 in order to create a world where curious and creative spirits may fall in love with wine. Visit their website

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Studio William To Be Featured in The London Design Festival 2012

The 2012 London Design Festival is likely to attract a lot of interest this year, and particular due to the release of some new dessert cutlery designed and manufactured by British cutlery company, Studio William.

Studio William’s cutlery has been purchased, showcased and utilised in a number of prominent exhibits and the Company can even boast that even the residents of No. 10 Downing Street use the cutlery designed in their Gloucestershire base.

The designs which will be showcased on the day have been create as part of Studio William’s cutlery sets design competition, where students have been given the opportunity to create cutlery designs which ultimately could be into production of showcased – the competition was an initiative launched by Studio William to inspire more talented designers into the process of cutlery design.

The winning designer of the competition was one Anabela Chan – Anabela’s design called leaf has now been incorporated into the Studio William range; it will also be sold utilising Studio William’s relationships with various prominent retailers including John Lewis, where the cutlery will go on sale form September, 2012.

All of the 54 competition entries will be showcased by Studio William at the design festival as a marker of contemporary British-led design. Rachel Church, curator in the sculpture, metalwork, ceramics and glass department at the V&A had this to say about the competition and Studio William’s designs: “The Studio William patterns represent excellent examples of contemporary British cutlery design. We are delighted to have acquired seven examples of the company’s design patterns for the national collection of metalwork at the V&A.”

On top of the showcasing of competition entries, Studio William will also celebrate the permanent inclusion of seven of its designs in the V&As permanent showcase.

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Thames Valley Catering New Range Of Lincat Combi Steamers And Self Cooking Centres

The description almost sounds like the ultimate in high tech gadgets but probably the most impressive piece of equipment that has come onto the market in recent times is the Lincat Combi Steamer and Self-Cooking Centre, which has made life in the high volume, short time delivery catering market so much easier. Thames Valley Catering is proud to supply these units alongside their Lincat Ovens and the introduction of high tech electronic controls has then enabled these units to be controlled to a very close margin and the flexibility and versatility of the units has helped the units become the ultimate in multi-tasking catering equipment.

The ranges of units supplied by Thames Valley Catering are varied but the major units combine steam heating with dry heat or they can do one or the other. The units control humidity to less than 1 % and have the added advantage that once the type of heating is chosen they are able to predetermine the heating cycle without the help of the operator. This Lincat self cooking center system is ideal in a busy kitchen and the advantages of getting a superb cooking cycle without the fear of damage or loss without careful watching is always a big plus in the purchase of such items. The units supplied by Thames Valley Catering can deal with very high volumes of hot food and this is ideal for the large banquets or dinners, which require instant serving for several hundred people with hot food in great condition. The advantage of these Lincat catering units are that food can be plated up kept in a chilled rack and heated to table serving levels when required using the Lincat Combi Steamer and Self-Cooking Centre.

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