Organic Coconut Oil – Your Best Friend

The health benefits of extra virgin organic coconut oil is a great way to look and feel your very best. It can be used for a variety of things you need in your life. You can get rid of costly products and avoid side effects. The organic nature of it means you won’t have to deal with any ingredients that aren’t good for you either.

Many people with serious skin problems including psoriasis have been able to benefit from coconut oil for skin. The deep layers of skin are reached when you use coconut oil. As a result your skin starts to repair itself from the inside out. The moisture will be retained too so you can say goodbye to dry skin once and for all.

If you want smooth skin you should use coconut oil as it will help to exfoliate the damaged and dead skin cells. What remains is soft and silky with a very pretty tone and color to it. Should you be seeing fine lines and wrinkles on your body the use of coconut oil can help to make them disappear.

We do lots of damage to our hair from the wind, the sun, coloring it, and styling. Coconut oil for hair though leaves it soft and manageable. It can also help to stop the itchiness and dryness of the scalp. That can often be the result of harsh chemicals found in most shampoos. The nutrients in coconut oil will also help your hair to grow faster and to have a lovely shine to it. If anyone in your household gets lice this can also help to kill the eggs and the adults quickly.

When it comes to your diet, you should use coconut oil for cooking due to the nutritional benefits. You can enjoy delicious tasting foods but without using lots of fats. The foods you prepare will taste amazing too so you will want to continue to use it for all of your cooking needs. If you are interested in eating healthy but also enjoying your food then coconut oil is the way to make it happen.

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Cairo Hosts Unique Catalogue Exhibition For Food And Drink Industry At The End Of November 2010 announces that the Egyptian capital of Cairo will feature some of the key businesses in the food and beverage sector as part of a special trade event taking place at the end of November.

Being held to target the attendees of the Middle East Agro-Food summit taking place in the city, the Agro Food Catalogue Show comprises a collection of catalogues and promotional material from businesses in the food and drink industry.

Suppliers of all ranges of food products will be included at the event along with manufacturers and distributors of equipment used for preparing food and drinks.

The displays will be split into three sections including Animal Tech Expo, Dairy and Juice Tech and the Global Fish exhibition. Animal Tech is a collection of material from meat suppliers, egg producers and farming equipment used to protect and breed animals.

In addition, Dairy and Juice Tech will cover all types of drinks equipment from processors to fruit washing machines and coffee makers to refrigerators used for storing dairy produce.

Visitors can also view the latest developments from fish suppliers in the third exhibition, from fresh to canned fish as well as new technology used in fish breeding systems.

Attendees to the event staying in a Cairo hotel will be making their way to the Cairo International Convention and Exhibition Centre where the summit and stands run from 29th November to 1st December 2010.

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Foodie Festivities at the Forman & Field Open Day

Saturday 2 October saw another successful and very well-attended open day held by Forman & Field. Their east London premises, directly opposite the Olympic Park, were opened to the public, who could attend for free. The fine food mail order company organise an open day every year, showcasing their work. Those who came were able to explore the company’s Fish Island premises and find out about many of the small artisan food producers who supply Forman & Field with their many high-quality products.

There were many different things to see and do on the day. Forman & Field’s trademark product, their London Cure smoked salmon, played a big part, with attendees able to see the smoking process from start to finish on a tour of Fish Island. The company’s very own world record holder gave demonstrations throughout the day of his skill in carving salmon, which won him a place in the Guinness Book of Records.

The Food Theatre gave people the opportunity to see demonstrations from many independent producers, as well as to hear talks about their work. Then, there was the chance to try and buy at the Producers’ Market. There was a great choice of produce on offer from the Forman & Field family of food producers, with many people buying lots of food to take home as well as taking advantage of the tastings on offer.

The British Food Fortnight, which the Forman & Field open day is part of, takes place annually (from 18 September to 3 October this year). It brings together food lovers from across the country, who take part in thousands of different events.

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More Food & Beverage press releases Announces That Nominations For The 2011 Scottish Restaurant Awards Are Now Open, the restaurant reservation and reviews website, and free business newspaper Business7 have announced that nominations for The Scottish Restaurant Awards 2011, which take place on Monday 28th February 2011 at the Glasgow Science Centre, are now open.

Dining out is a multi-million pound industry in Scotland and a big part of daily life, with the restaurant trade a vital component both as an employer and as a service provider to millions of customers every year. The Scottish Restaurant Awards celebrate and reward Scotland’s very best eating establishments, whether they offer fine dining or simple, good value family meals. The awards span sixteen categories, allowing the best restaurant in each field to stand out and be recognised. Nominations are invited from both the restaurant trade and diners to help potential contenders gain the exposure they deserve.

The awards, now in their 4th year, reflect the outstanding creativity, customer service and top-quality dining that is on offer throughout Scotland. The 2010 winners reflected the culinary diversity of modern Scotland and covered a wide geographical spread, with representation from Edinburgh Glasgow, Perth, Inverness, Fife and many other parts of the country. The top accolade of Restaurant Of The Year was won by The Peat Inn in Fife, while its chef/proprietor, Geoffrey Smeddle was handed the hotly contested Chef of the Year crown in a double victory for the establishment.

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